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Transformational Learning

Are you an ambitious organisation committed to the learning and development of your people?

Since 1990 Crisp Professional Development has been delivering exceptional training courses, management development programmes and leadership interventions. We create bespoke and transformational interventions using emotional intelligence, positive psychology and subject experts to embed and sustain behavioural change.  

We operate in-house training programmes at your premises, run open courses for all and offer blended learning through our online learning platform. Our coaching interventions are for c-suite executives, business owners and leaders seeking greater team cohesion and improved performance.


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  • 20 October 2017

    How does it feel to fail again and again?

    When Thomas Edison, arguably America's greatest inventor, was asked why he had failed so many times, he replied: In bringing us the light bulb, the phonograph, the motion picture...

  • 13 October 2017

    Fixed or Growth mindset - which one are you?

    According to Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychologist, we each have either a 'fixed' or a 'growth' mindset and every aspect of our lives can be affected by the one that we adopt.*Take a look at...


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