A bespoke ILM 'Coaching in the Workplace' programme for Lloyd & Whyte

Lloyd & Whyte is a specialist provider of insurance and financial services to professional affinity groups and their members.

A client of Crisp Professional Development of many years standing, Lloyd & Whyte recently approached us to create an ILM recognised 'Coaching in the Workplace' programme.

Intended for first line managers, the programme consisted of four days of workshops supported by online training resources and 1-2-1 tutorial sessions to help delegates complete the work-based assignments and coaching diaries. Participants undertook and reviewed a minimum of six hours coaching practice.

 Louise Lawson, who commissioned the programmes, says:

“Establishing a coaching culture is important to us. We wanted to equip our managers to have coaching performance conversations in the workplace, to development accountability and productivity.

The ‘telling’ style is no longer the best way of motivating and empowering colleagues.

The programme was immersive and practical.  We learned the theory online, checked our understanding in the sessions and had plenty of time to practice coaching.

We then took this into the workplace. We all kept diaries of our coaching sessions and gained feedback.  It’s really made a difference.”

 Shaun Durham, Managing Director of Crisp Professional Development, oversaw the programme and comments:

“As an ILM 7 Executive coach I recognise the value and rigour of this qualification.

All the participants showed a real aptitude for using coaching as a leadership behaviour

...and I’m pleased to say, everyone passed with flying colours.

Recognition must also go to Lloyd & Whyte for supporting the development of their managers and for appreciating the value of coaching in the workplace.”

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