Maintaining motivation and a positive culture were the focus for training selected by Ceda.

Based in Exeter, Community Equality Disability Action (CEDA) is an independent registered charity which provides learning and social opportunities to disabled adults and children in Devon. 

Their dedicated and motivated team provide adult, youth and community services, arts, music, sports and lifestyle activities.

The charity employs a high number of staff who work part-time and/or flexible hours and some of them work remotely. The limited amount of face-to-face time between managers and their team members meant that there was a need to focus on trust and communication and maintaining motivation and a positive culture.

Earlier this year Shaun Durham, Managing Director at Crisp Professional Development, met with Renata Colley and Diana Cole (Chief Executive Officers) at CEDA, to discuss their training needs.  

It was decided that the most appropriate training to match their needs would be as follows:

  • Emotional Intelligence (1 Day)
  • Assertiveness, self-confidence and communication (1 Day)
  • The Art of Delegation (1 Day)
  • Mastering people management (2 Days)

Renata commented as follows:

‘As an organisation, we find it difficult to get together as a group of managers and team leaders to do any form of training so our 5 days of leadership and management training with Crisp was a big investment in time and trust. 

We had initially approached Shaun to discuss the organisation and our needs as a team and together we came up with a programme of learning that was created specifically for us.  The dates and frequency of the training was agreed to meet our needs and Crisp could not have been more accommodating.

We presented a challenge to each trainer to deliver their course whilst managing the different experiences and expectations of team leaders, managers and CEOs from 4 different areas of the charity, all learning together; I am pleased to say that each trainer rose to the challenge! 

The experience of learning as an organisation has helped each group understand, not only leadership skills but also the challenges faced by each team and the impact we each have on each other. 

As a team we have managed to identify areas that we can improve across the organisation and we are all committed to finding time to develop these and to roll them out consistently across the organisation.  The whole team was left buzzing with excitement following each training day. 

We would highly recommend Crisp to any organisation, especially if you can find the time and resources to train collectively as a team’

In the post-course feedback, all members of the team said the programme has increased their confidence in carrying out their role, with one delegate describing the programme as;

'a very valuable experience. I have taken so much from the 5 days that I will be able to use on a daily basis!'

To discuss a bespoke programme of training for your own team, please contact us and together we’ll work out how we can provide the most value to your team.