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CPD Essentials

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With our CPD Essentials Programme, you can select 4 workshops, recognised by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management), which will provide you, or your team members, with all the necessary skills you'll need to make a valuable contribution to team and organisational goals.

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Effective Team Leadership

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For those who are moving on from managing self to managing others, we offer a range of training to ease the transition. As with CPD Essentials, we are able to offer you a suite of development programmes recognised by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management).

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Management Development

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Creating a team that can perform to the best of it's ability, even whenyou are not around requires time, planning and a behavioural shift on the part of the manager.  He or she needs to train, encourage and inspire his team to work effectively and independently.  Communications to them must be consistent, direct and motivational so that they know what they need to do and have the desire to do it.

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Being a Leader

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Our Being A Leader programme is designed to support new and transitioning leaders to explore and develop the behaviours, values and skills required for becoming an inspirational and truly effective leader.

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