3 ways to get the most out of a Learning Passport

Our Learning Passport is increasingly becoming one of the most popular ways for our clients to plan and book their open course training - and with good reason - at 15% off the standard daily rate it makes sound financial sense.

A Learning Passport provides you with 4 days of learning, so you can choose from 4 X 1 Day courses, or 2 X 2 Day courses or some of each!

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As well as enjoying the 15% cost saving, here are 3 examples of how Learning Passports are being used to upskill teams and individuals:

1.  By offering training to more than one member of a team:
Got 2, 3 or 4 people who require training?  No problem. Once purchased, the Learning Passport can be used across your organisation, for 12 months, so you can address the training needs of your team.

2.  By purchasing multiple passports to upskill more team members:
If 4 days of training is not enough, why not buy more than one passport and each one comes with the exact same benefits as the first - so you will be saving 15% on each day of training again and again and again... what's not to like?

3.  To help one person realise a personal development plan:
For someone with a personal development plan (i.e. an emerging manager), a Learning Passport provides the flexibility to build a programme of training that works for them.  For example, they could select our 2 day 'Introduction to People Management' course alongside our 2 day 'Mastering People Management' course.  With a break between each, giving aspiring managers the opportunity to implement what they've learned.

Good to know:

Not sure which courses to book yet? 
That's ok, you can book none, some or all of the training you require at the point of purchasing your passport.  We'll hold all unbooked training days in credit for you for up to 12 months until you've made your decision.

Peace of mind
Our courses do sell out so our advice is to plan it, book it and enjoy the peace of mind that your training needs are covered for the next 12 months.

Great venue!
Our courses are all delivered at our purpose designed, modern training suite here on the edge of Exeter.  The venue is light, bright and the welcome is warm.  Refreshments (including lunch) are abundant!

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Want to know more about Learning Passports or purchase one?  We'd love to answer your questions - call us on 01392 409 198 or email open@crisp-cpd.com

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