[5 tips] Help get your senior managers 'leadership-ready'

5 tips

Need to upskill your leadership talent?

You're not alone.

According to a new survey published on 1st February 2018*, which interviewed 1,000 C-level executives from across the globe on leadership issues, when asked to select which issue would be taking up most of their attention during 2018, 64% cited 'Developing 'next gen' leaders ' as one of their main challenges.

Click here to read the full report: Global Leadership Forecast 2018 - 25 Research Insights to Fuel Your People Strategy, by Development Dimensions International, Inc.

But this is not news. Other studies over the past few years have also revealed that having the right leadership talent in place is one of the key things keeping CEO's awake at night.

Whilst this may be a worry for leaders, for anyone wanting to move into a leadership position, this talent gap represents an opportunity for the right people IF the relevant skills are in place.

Here are 5 areas your next generation top tier should be addressing in order to become leadership-ready:

  • Develop a Global Mindset
  • Become a Thought Leader
  • Create and state "Mantras"
  • Be a great People Manager
  • Enlist a Coach or Mentor

The above points have been taken from the article '5 ways to become a Leader, fast' by Melissa Lamson, click here to read the full article

Please feel free to share the articles listed above with your senior managers.

With determination, motivation and support from within their organisation - along with a focus on the 5 skills and behaviours outlined above - your senior managers should be able to present a good case for taking their place as strong and capable leaders within your organisation.

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