A leader as coach? It's all in your hands

It's all in your hands

Highly effective leaders can be highly effective coaches....or not.

As a leader, providing good coaching to your team brings numerous benefits.  The days of a manager ‘telling’ a subordinate what to do in a hierarchical structure are fading fast.  

One of the best ways to optimize performance at coachee, team and organisational level is to increase self awareness and confidence and improve communication amongst your team.

However a good leader doesn't automatically have the skills in place to provide effective coaching and the cost of a getting it wrong can be significant - eroding the relationship between the coach and his/her coachees and having a detrimental effect on performance.

One of the challenges for a leader is how to develop great coaching skills. You need to focus on;

  • Advanced communication skills (listening, challenging, supporting, guiding)
  • Your ability to raise awareness in others
  • Enhancing accountability and responsibility

On top of this you need to have a strong desire to facilitate the development and performance of another person, helping them to;

  • Set and achieve their goals
  • Overcome challenges
  • Recognise and eliminate blind spots
  • Move forward in their role

Honing these skills will not take place by accident - it will take training, time and experience to get them right. 

Many management development programmes now feature a coaching skills element as part of their training – and rightly so. 

So when you're next thinking about providing coaching to members of your team, either with or without formal training under your belt, consider the following points;

  • Recognising when coaching is appropriate
  • Developing the mindset of a coach
  • Using your Emotional Intelligence skills to coach your team
  • Working with the coachees strengths
  • Working with purpose, meaning and values
  • Driving performance and gaining commitment
  • The organisational context

If you are an organisational leader looking for formal training to coach your team, take a look at the following new course we're running in February 2017;

If you are a Middle or Senior Manager looking for coaching training, please take a look at this alternative course;

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