A Productive Team Away Day in deepest Devon

Earlier this week we were lucky enough to spend a strategy day with our full team (a rare event) in a beautiful setting away from Crisp HQ ... and it was a huge success! 

One of the biggest advantages of having time away from the office was that, free from the distractions of phones, inboxes and to-do lists, we were able to step away from the detail and focus on the bigger picture, specifically, our values and our strategy for the future.

Deer Park Honiton

It was great to welcome Roselle and Natalie back into the team for a day, both of whom are currently on maternity leave.

So what did we acheive?

   - we agreed our 'Why' - our very reason for doing what we do 

   - we spent a good few hours identifying and agreeing our team values - with much debate and discussion around a flipchart

   - finally, we looked at our goals for the future and came up with an outline plan on how to get ourselves there

The backdrop of the Deer Park Hotel was highly conducive to a day of discussion and planning, in fact, it made the day feel like a real treat - from the beautiful grounds, to the food.

So, with a clear plan and a strong team it's time to look forward and start hitting those goals.

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