Advanced Management Programme

Enhance your Managerial Skills

Learn and adopt the attitudes, behaviours and practices of the most successful leaders

The Essentials

In a nutshell

Helen Gilzean

This course provides a roadmap (the knowledge and the tools) for you to become an inspiring, motivating, highly successful coach to your team and to creating a powerful, supportive, stress-free environment for yourself and your team members to thrive in.

How will the course help you as a manager?

First you’ll take a good long look at yourself. We use a highly regarded psychometric tool to create a profile of where you are now in terms of your management style – what you’re doing well and what areas you could change to become a better leader to your team. Your personal profile will be the starting point from which we’ll help you build your success as a manager.

Once we’ve examined your current approach to management, we’ll begin to look at the effect your leadership style might have on others and the potential you could achieve by re-shaping your behaviours to simulate those used by the most effective mangers.

This will include learning how to become a leader who:

  • Inspires, motivates and supports
  • Delegates the right tasks to the right people reducing stress and friction and enhancing team performance
  • Effectively manages conflict and negativity
  • Values and encourages open, constructive communication
  • Uses coaching and mentoring skills to help team members learn and grow

Management LeadershipThe advantage of running this course over 2 + 2 days is that after the initial 2 day session, you’ll have time to reflect on your own leadership style and begin to see for yourself how it has an impact on your own and others performance in your workplace. You’ll then come back to learn and embed the strategies you’ll need to adopt to take your leadership to the next level.

Is it time for you to become the kind of Leader you always wanted to be?

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