Are you overlooking your middle managers?

Being a middle manager can be such a challenge.

It requires a particular and varied set of skills and is a role that is integral to the performance of the team and to employee satisfaction (most people don't quit their jobs, they quit their boss!). 

In terms of professional development, it's a role that should be overlooked at your peril! 

Middle managers carry the weighty responsibility of 'getting things done' in order to achieve the vision set out by their c-suite colleagues.

In order to 'get things done', middle managers must have team members on side, which means having an arsenal of skills at his or her disposal to encourage them to take action, not least persuading, influencing, motivating, delegating, dealing with negativity etc.

On the flip side, middle managers must also be capable of taking on a less assertive role when meeting with their superiors. In this scenario they'll need to draw upon their listening and questioning skills to correctly interpret the big picture and formulate a plan of action that will achieve the vision. They must also be able to communicate team mood, performance and any issues back to the senior team.

Having the skills and behaviours in place to navigate these two scenarios and produce the desired results is no mean feat.

Often (not always), both new-in-role managers and transitioning managers (those moving into leadership roles) are offered professional development, whilst those in the middle i.e. those who are essential to getting the job done AND ensuring employee engagement AND retaining employees AND maintaining productivity can be overlooked.

We can help you make 2020 a more successful year for your managers.  Below you'll find links to some of our most popular management training programmes.

Please feel free to get in touch to talk through the areas for development that would benefit them and your organisation the most.

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