Boost your Excel skills and be more productive

Investing a small amount of time learning how to use Excel properly, from sums, to charts, to pivot tables, will make you more efficient in the workplace and free up more time for other parts of your role.

3 ways better database skills will boost your productivity;

  1. by keeping your data organised and tidy, so it's quick and easy to find
  2. by doing the sums for you, in a fraction of a second, so you don't have to 
  3. by delivering accurate answers, so you don't lose time searching for that possible human error

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more advanced learner, you can boost your Excel skills with us, online, from the comfort of your own home or office or (now that we can) face-to-face at our training venue or yours.

We always receive excellent feedback on our Excel training - we have a great trainer! In fact just last week we heard from a recent delegate, a corporate sales director who told us;

"Sue’s course is the best I've been on and everyone in the company should attend!"

Excel for Individuals:

We offer regular, live training events for our Excel courses, both online and in person.  Here are some of the events we have coming up (click the buttons to find out more);

Excel for Teams:

If you have a whole team who would benefit from Excel training, you can bring the training 'In-Company' (i.e. our trainer will deliver the training just to your team).

All team members will learn the same skills at the same time and can support each other with questions they may have after the course. 

To explore this option, please call us on 01392 409 198, tell us about your requirement and we'll work together to find the best option for you (which level, your preferred dates, your preferred delivery method, venue etc).

Good to know:

  • For online Excel courses, learning is normally split into two sessions, morning and afternoon, leaving time to step away from the laptop over lunchtime
  • Our online courses cost just £99 + VAT per person if booked as part of an online credit plan, or £119 + VAT for a standalone purchase. Click here to find out about our credit plan
  • Our face-to-face courses cost just £181 + VAT per person if booked as part of a Learning Passport, or £219 + VAT for a standalone purchase. Click here to find out about our Learning Passport
  • For an exclusive team event, we can deliver training online, at our training suite in Exeter, or a location of your choice. 

Questions about Excel?

Give us a call, we'd love to chat - 01392 409 198

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