Coaching: is it right for you and your team?

Do you offer Coaching to your staff?

Coaching  and Mentoring are being used more widely than ever before as a means of enhancing individual, team and organisational performance - and with great results.

Coaching works by:

  • raising awareness - of an individuals own behaviour and the impact this has on others
  • unlocking potential - helping individuals and teams to learn, grow and achieve more
  • enhancing performance - in individuals, in teams and in organisations

A Coaching programme is more likely to be successful if:

  • There is buy-in, from all parties, to an agreed set of goals determined at the outset
  • There is a desire, on the part of the Coachee, for change
  • There is mutual trust, respect and openness between the Coach and Coachee

An effective Coach will:
Provide a safe space in which to listen to, question and challenge the Coachee around the areas that have been identified for development

An effective Coach will not:
Give away solutions or direct a Coachee down a set path of change.  On the contrary, a good Coach will coax solutions out of the Coachee, the premise being that action, transformation and change begin within and remain under the ownership of the person being coached.

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