Do emotionally intelligent individuals make emotionally intelligent teams?

If you've heard anything about Emotional Intelligence (EI), it's probably that it is as important as (if not more important than) IQ to an individuals' effectiveness at home and at work. The same is true of team effectiveness - Emotional Intelligence is an essential ingredient.

Transform your Team with Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman, in his definitive book 'Emotional Intelligence', says the main characteristics of an individual with high EI is someone who is aware of their emotions and able to regulate them inwardly (to oneself) and outwardly (to others).

Whilst much reseach has been done on Emotional Intelligence in individuals, the small amount of study on team Emotional Intelligence provides unexpected findings, i.e. that emotionally intelligent individuals do not necessarily make up an emotionally intelligent team.

How so?

A person can be emotionally intelligent (able to regulate their own emotions inwardly and outwardly) but not necessarily be mindful of others perspectives and feelings yet an emotionally intelligent team MUST be aware and respectful of others moods, feelings and emotions as well as their own.  

In other words, an emotionally intelligent team is made up of emotionally intelligent individuals who are both aware and respectful of others within their team but also of others outside of their team i.e. groups of people within the wider context of their organisation.  

According to Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B. Wolffs paper "Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups" published in 2001 in the Harvard Business Review there are 3 'norms' that characterise Emotionally Intelligent teams; trust among members, a sense of group identity and a sense of group efficacy;

"...a team can have everything going for it - the brightest and most qualified people, access to resources, a clear mission - but still fail because it lacks group emotional intelligence..."

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