Get ‘Presentation Ready’ with our upcoming course

We can all remember a time when we have sat through a bad presentation which left us feeling as confused about the topic as when we had first sat down.  

Being able to communicate confidently and effectively is possible for everyone and vital for success.

A survey by Prezi at the end of 2014 found that 70% of employed professionals believe that presentation skills are critical to career success.

Consider a range of scenarios in your working life:Presentation Skills

  • Interviews
  • In-house team meetings
  • Calling new clients and customers
  • Promoting the company at a trade networking event

It almost goes without saying that all of these require confident communication skills and the ability to deliver a clear and concise message. Giving a presentation is simply communicating a message and so understanding ways to improve your own presenting skills will support your confidence and proficiency in many other work-place scenarios. Surely this can only be good for your business?

Our course on Presentation Skills is designed to alleviate the fear of presenting amongst business professionals.  It provides practical advice and a framework as well as opportunities to practice in a safe and supporting environment, in order to ensure that your natural communication skills and personality don’t get lost beneath the anxiety of presenting.

Find out more about the course below;

As with all our courses, Presentation Skills is available as an Open Course (you come to us) and as an In-House course for your team (we come to you). Feel free to enquire for further details on 01392 409 198

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