How are you managing to stay positive in lockdown?

How are you managing to stay positive in lockdown?

Some days it's hard and for some people it's much harder than for others.

Concerns about family members, health, income, the future can be overwhelming, but finding positives in every day can help get us through... and they don't need to be the big things.

Whether you've learned a new piece of world trivia whilst doing PE with Joe. managed to get your parents up and running on Zoom so they can see their grandchildren, or helped a neighbour in need - there are positives to be found every day, we just might need to look a little harder for them.

So let's stay focused, let's keep learning, keep showing kindness, help out where we can and recognise the myriad of little positives each day that we may have taken for granted before all of 'this' happened.

Stay positive and stay safe.

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