How are you planning to support your managers post lockdown?

The enforced changes resulting from the pandemic have had an impact on both relationships in the workplace and on the way we work.

Without acknowledging this and putting support in place we risk a detrimental impact on staff engagement and on our effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.

'Planning for Post Lockdown - Reintegrating the Team' is one of our new, virtual courses that address some of the most common challenges facing managers as they support their teams in adjusting to the next 'normal'.

Here's what some of our first delegates to attend this course have to say about it:

How would you rate the Course content?

  • Outstanding

The Trainer?

  • Outstanding

The Virtual delivery resources (slides, post-course content)?

  • Outstanding

Any other comments?  

  • I was not sure what to expect but for me it was perfect due to talking honestly about the current situation. Sarah's words for me were motivating and as I had mentioned I wish our Senior Management had attended

What's the most important thing you are taking away from the training?

  • I don't feel so alone with my overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Sarah's delivery and explanations of how this has affected us and giving us all the chance to open up, should build a better team
  • Understanding; the impact of staff being furloughed and that their fear of returning is very real for them; how feelings have been raised throughout the lockdown for different people at different times; that we need to almost start again and undertake some team building activities to reform our team

Was the content relevant to your job role/needs?  (Please explain how or why not?)

  • Yes, I feel it was relevant, we are supposed to be a team and hopefully it has made some of the other participants think about how all staff are dealing with this in different ways. We should all be mindful and respectful of feelings through this difficult time
  • Yes it was relevant, I was a new member of staff and still forming working relationships.  Also, I am a Manager and will need to support staff in returning to the 'new norm'.  It was good to have the opportunity to reflect on several aspects of the lockdown as individuals and as a Team

We're running this course again on Tuesday 21st July - click the link below to find out more about the content and to book your place.

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