How to create a positive work environment

The average working adult spends 42.5 hours a week at work in the UK according to European Statistics Office, Eurostat. When spending such a large proportion of time at work, it’s important for people to feel both valued and motivated. Even just the smallest changes in the workplace can help cultivate a more positive workplace, which is why we’ve rounded up 4 tips to get you started.

1. Prioritise training to help a new employee get settled in

One of the most important things as a manager you can do, is to set your team up for success by ensuring they receive the correct training. The first two weeks of a new employee starting should be planned carefully, with them shadowing current employees, sitting in on meetings and reading important company documents to ensure they have a good understanding of the business. A proper introduction to the position will help them fully understand their role and what is expected of them moving forward.

2. Say thank you to your team

As a leader, your team will be looking to you for guidance, feedback and direction. It may seem small, but even a simple ‘thank you’ for doing work well or providing feedback on someone’s great performance, can help employees feel valued. Employees that feel valued, tend to be more loyal and work harder, so always take a few minutes to say thank you to your team. 

3. Practise gratitude to promote positivity

It’s a well known fact that practising gratitude helps promote a more positive mindset in an individual. So why not take this to the next level, and practise gratitude in the workplace. Allocate a small amount of time in your weekly team meeting to get your team to highlight one thing to the rest of the team that they are thankful for - whether it’s work or home related doesn’t matter, it’s the practising of gratitude that counts.

4. Create a comfortable environment

A clean, attractive and bright open-plan office can help promote better relationships between managers and co-workers by removing boundaries and encouraging collaboration. It’s important each individual has enough space to work comfortably, and are assigned a space which they can personalise to their needs. Remember everyone works differently, which is why it’s important to give individuals flexibility to move between rooms so they can switch up their working environment throughout the day.

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