ILM Certificate awarded to Devon and Cornwall Police Sergeant

Dan Brenchley, Exeter Response Sergeant for Devon and Cornwall Police has spent the past 18 months studying for an ILM qualification with us.  We were delighted to be able to present Dan with his ILM certificate last week - the culmination of a lot of hours spent studying, writing assignments and attending workshops.

We interviewed Dan to find out what he had to say about his ILM experience with Crisp.  Here's what he told us:

Which ILM qualification did you study for? 

"An ILM Level 5 in leadership and management"

How was it decided that this qualification was right for you?

"I had completed a degree in my 20’s and was looking for something that could help my career progression and support my move into line management. I asked one of the course leaders about completing the level 3 but because I already had a degree, the tutor felt that level 3 wouldn’t be enough of a challenge and felt the level 5 would be more appropriate"

What prompted you to study for an ILM qualification? 

"When I first looked at the course, I was in the process of applying for a promotion from Police Constable to Police Sergeant. I had never gone for promotion before and had never supervised staff. I looked at an ILM course as a supportive measure to what my employer would be offering.  I knew that within the Police Force, I would be getting a lot of hands-on leadership experience and I felt that doing an ILM alongside this would expand my knowledge of the theory behind leadership and management. I also have aspirations of further promotion to Inspector and know that the ILM is a qualification that gives me transferable skills to that level"

Looking back at all you’ve learned, what will you use the most in your workplace?

"The most useful part of the course that I have taken in to the workplace is the 'reasons why'. All too often we are given the basics of how to lead but we’re not taught why we do it and the theory behind why it can be successful"

How do you see the qualification benefitting a) you and b) the organisation going forward?

"The qualification will benefit me because it will make me an all-round better leader, who can not only do the practical side of leadership but also has the knowledge and theory of leadership, values and principles. The qualification will also benefit the force because they now have a well-rounded and knowledgable leader. They also have an employee who wants to better themselves and is always striving to be a better leader, at whichever rank i'm working in"

Would you like to tell us anything else about your experience?

"The whole experience has been very good, particularly getting the email to say that I had passed the course!  What I found most beneficial is that my tutor was always on hand. I could submit as many drafts of my assignments as I wanted for her to review. As I work shifts, I also found it helpful that the assignments could be submitted by email and follow ups either in person/email or by phone.  If anyone is considering bettering themselves and improving their leadership style, I would thoroughly recommend this ILM course"

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