Leadership is less about action and more about moving people

CornTry googling ‘leadership development’ and you'll see how many books, learned articles and blogs are returned in the search.

To say it’s a crowded field would be a gross under-statement. The noise around leadership theory is considerable; from heroic figures to servant leadership, theories, lessons and examples abound in the training field to help develop ‘leaders’.

There are:

  • Trait Theories – What Type of Person Makes a Good Leader?
  • Behavioural Theories – What Does a Good Leader Do?
  • Contingency Theories – How Does the Situation Influence Good Leadership?
  • Power and Influence Theories – What is the Source of the Leader's Power?

and many others, I’m sure.  At Crisp Professional Development, we take a different approach.


Our 'Being a Leader' programmes focus on mindset and self-awareness using a Coaching approach infused with Emotional Intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience.  We slow the delegates down to aid clear thinking under pressure; to develop reflective practice and to share experiences with their peers, all in the service of enabling them to go faster once they return to their ‘day jobs’.

Leadership is less about action – as the two quotes above testify – and more about moving people to accomplish something greater than they thought possible. To do that, the leader needs self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence and well-developed listening and questioning skills to get true, honest information about the person and the wider context.

They should 'BE' a leader, not 'DO' leadership.

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