Making Crisp Learning 'future fit' for 2021

Around about now, during the summer months, we would normally be putting together our Open Course schedule for next year.

Covid-19 has presented us with a dynamic and evolving situation and we want to be agile in order to continue to provide safe learning opportunities for you.

Whilst there's a lot we don't know about how 2021 is going to play out - there are some things we know for sure:

  • Many of you will continue to work from home
  • Many of you are ready to get back to normal and enjoy the benefits of face-to-face training in small groups – but others would prefer to continue to work and learn remotely
  • Lots of you have experienced, developed an appetite for and really benefitted from virtual training during lockdown
  • The pandemic has raised a host of unprecedented challenges that your teams may need support with (mental health, working from home, wellbeing, resilience, managing virtual teams etc)

Learning that's fit for the future

To address the challenges above, our Open Course calendar will look a little different for 2021. For the first time, we'll be adding virtual open courses alongside our face-to-face training, giving you more choice, greater peace of mind and increased flexibility when placing bookings.

We'll also be including some of our NEW learning topics to provide support for some of the additional challenges we're facing. 

In summary, you'll have more choice - you'll be able to book virtual training sessions or face-to-face learning and we would LOVE to hear from you if you have any suggestions that will inform our scheduling process for 2021.

Contact Sam, Alex or Roselle on 01392 409

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