Making your summer a time to 'Notice And Adjust'

Notice and Adjust CoachingThe summer months and time out of the office can give us precious head space to step out of autopilot and notice our reality.

Some of the things that can easily go off track if we haven't had enough time to pay attention to them are:

  • career paths
  • business development
  • organisational or team structures
  • personal dreams and goals

If you're enjoying a less pressured work schedule over the summer, or you find yourself on holiday with time to reflect on your current situation, you may well identify areas where you'd like to make changes.

But how do you adjust and what is going to help you take the next steps?

Working with a qualified coach will both support and challenge you in order to help you turn your plans into your new reality.

Some of the ways it can do this are by:

  • helping you focus
  • supporting you in prioritising
  • providing appropriate challenge
  • creating the environment for you to identify options
  • helping you determine a plan of action
  • holding you accountable

Here at Crisp we have a faculty of qualified coaches who bring a diversity of business experience and personal styles to suit organisational, team and individual preferences.

We'd love to talk to you more about how you can turn your summer dreams in to action. 

Please call our team on 01392 409 198 to start a conversation about coaching for you, your team or your organisation.

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