Mental Health Awareness at work - how to support your team

Mental Health Awareness at Work

According to the charity MIND, at least one in six workers experience common mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression with work being cited as the biggest cause, yet many employers don't know how to provide the appropriate support.

If any of your colleagues were suffering from a mental health condition, are you confident you would:

   a) recognise it?
   b) know when and how to approach them about it?
   c) know how to provide appropriate support?

We've witnessed the benefits of training teams (and individuals) in mental health awareness at work. Here's what some of our delegates said after attending a one day course with us:

Q: Do you think that this training will increase your confidence when dealing with mental health issues going forward?

  • I now feel more confident in spotting the signs of mental health issues and more confident in providing support
  • I have a greater awareness of stress & anxiety in the office

Q: How do you think you will use these skills in your role?

  • I'll talk more with employees and those within my home-life, searching more to see if they are in fact okay and not just stating that they are
  • If I do notice a staff member that I believe is having issues I will have more confidence in dealing with the situation
  • I know to take each case on its own and to give more of my time

 Q: What's the most important thing you are taking away from the training?

  • To look out for signs that we may have an issue and then act upon it in an empathetic manner
  • This is a subject area that is not always covered by employers but I feel that all managers should attend to give them greater awareness and the tools to deal  with mental health situations

Our 'Mental Health Awareness at Work' course equips team leaders, supervisors and managers with the skills they will require to provide an environment of openness and support around mental health issues, looking specifically at;

  • common mental health issues
  • how to spot the signs of a mental health condition
  • knowing when to step in 
  • understanding how to best offer reassurance and support

... and more.

This course can be booked as an open course (see our next dates at the top right of the page) or as an in-company training course just for your team.

If supporting colleagues with their mental health is a priority for your organisation, please get in touch on 01392 409 198.

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