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Happy New Year - we hope you enjoyed a restful holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for all that 2018 brings!

Thanks to all those of you who bought our special offer Learning Passport before Christmas - if you are wondering how best to use up your credits, below are a few of the courses we have coming up in the next few weeks. 

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Appraisal Skills

Date & Location: Tuesday 16th January, Compton House, Exeter
Course overview: Learn what makes a good, engaging appraisal. Understand the purpose and importance of on-going performance management, rather than simply viewing it as a time consuming, annual box ticking exercise
Who it is for: Managers who are about to/or regularly conduct performance reviews or appraisals
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Excel Advanced

Date & Location: Monday 22nd January, Compton House, Exeter
Course overview: Examine the more advanced and sophisticated features of Microsoft Excel. Develop skills in the higher-level data analysis, formula building, formatting and automation features
Who it is for: Anyone with a good knowledge of Excel or anyone who has successfully completed our Excel Intermediate open course. Knowledge of spreadsheet design, layout, formatting and automation is necessary.
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Conversational Selling

Date & Location: Thursday 1st February, Compton House, Exeter
Course overview: We'll study how to sell by building trust and rapport. We'll look at how to engage in quality conversations, ask questions, listen and allow the client to be really heard - taking notes and being solution focused
Who it is for: Anyone for whom 'selling' is part (or all) of their job description, whether they are new to sales or simply need a refresher course
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