Studying for an ILM qualification - Crisp team member Alex

Taking advantage of the training opportunities we have access to here at Crisp, Alex Pugh, our Client Relationship Manager embarked on an ILM qualification in April this year. So far, she has attended her induction, a 2 day 'Mastering People Management' workshop, one day of 'Time Management' training and has more workshops to come.  She's submitted her first assignment and has another one to complete.

We asked Alex to tell us more about her ILM experience. 

Which ILM qualification are you studying for?

"ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management"

How did you decide which qualification was right for you?

"I discussed the options available to me with Shaun and Helen at Crisp and we decided that the above course was the most suitable programme to sharpen my strategic leadership skills"

What prompted you to study for an ILM qualification in the first place? 

"The ILM is the awarding body that Crisp choose to work with and also the UK's most respected leadership organisation, so choosing to study for an ILM qualification was easy. I am keen to develop my abilities to drive outstanding results for the Crisp team and business"

You’re halfway through so far - what would you say are the key things you’ve learned so far?

"Factors influencing behaviour at work, strategies to encourage managed risk-taking and to learn from failure, the relationship between team performance and organisational goals and objectives, the characteristics and behaviours associated with initiative, leadership, creativity and innovation and how to foster them"

How do you see the qualification benefitting a) you and b) the organisation going forward?

"I am gaining a range of key management skills and putting them into practice in my own role as well as building my leadership capabilities - such as managing business relationships confidently. I am also developing my leadership and management skills using my own knowledge, values and motivations. The qualification will benefit Crisp because I am becoming a more effective and confident manager with improved client relationships and communication within the team. l am transferring new skills developed on the programme to Crisp as well as developing my own skills and abilities"

Dan from Devon and Cornwall Police

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