Tailored training for Foot Shop Ltd

Foot Shop Ltd is an Omni-channel retail company selling specialist footwear, socks, hosiery and foot comfort products.  They employ around 80 staff on a mixture of full and part-time contracts.

Following a management buyout at Foot Shop Ltd, the Directors recognised the need to enhance and refresh skills within the business and approached us at Crisp Professional Development to help with this.  

Crisp Professional Development were able to put together a tailored learning and development program aimed at addressing three key areas, enhancing;

  • skills
  • productivity and
  • employee happiness

This included Professional Coaching services for Directors, a suite of six one day courses aimed at enhancing the skills of Supervisors and Middle Managers and a number of team building sessions for our Contact Centre and Fulfilment staff.  

Nick Brine, Operations Director for Foot Shop gave us feedback on the training we provided:

"Crisp have been an ideal training partner, offering exactly the skills and knowledge that were needed. They were able to recognise our challenges and deliver well-structured courses that provided the desired outcome in all areas.  

Crisp were also able to adapt and add to their original proposal to provide additional one to one coaching where a need was identified.   

We now have a stronger middle management team who are communicating better and building good working relationships throughout the business.

As a direct result of their training the operational middle managers have structured and are delivering a comprehensive appraisals program focused around staff performance and development.  Regular team meetings focused around goals and challenges are also taking place.  These are all things that the middle management team were struggling with ahead of the training.  

Personally speaking I found the six Professional Coaching Sessions I had with Shaun hugely beneficial.  Shaun offered new perspective which helped me to see things more clearly.  Subtle changes to my thought processes delivered the biggest revelations to both my professional and personal life.    

We would have no hesitation in using Crisp again as and when training and coaching needs are identified"



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