Team climate or mood - why does it matter?

When we talk about team climate, we're referring to the general mood of a team.  We're asking:

  • Are the team engaged and motivated by their individual and organisational goals?
  • Do they feel supported by their leader? 
  • Are they feeling positive about their role?

A negative response to any of the questions above can indicate a poor team climate.

Why does team climate matter?

Having a motivated and engaged team is the single biggest factor to impact performance, so it's essential to get it right. Unsurprisingly, team climate is directly influenced by the leader's style and behaviour.

How to measure team climate

We are accredited to provide coaching around a tool called PCS (Performance Climate System).  Using PCS as a starting point, we will assess and help your leader improve the climate of your team.

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After measuring climate across 18 critical areas via an online survey, the tool provides quantitative and qualitative feedback. Our accredited Coach will then support the leader in interpreting the report and taking action to narrow the gap in perception between themselves and the team.

"We selected PCS as a performance and change tool and have not seen anything that profiles performance like this before. It has provided invaluable cultural change, alignment and performance insight” 
Mark Thompson, Founder, Holos

If you're serious about improving team performance within your organisation, arrange a conversation with one of the Crisp team about PCS profiling with coaching support.

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