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Newsletter: 6th October 2017

Every now and then we notice a pattern - an increase in the number of clients interested in a specific programme of training - and right now, we're taking a lot of bookings for our 'Being A Leader' programme.

Our 'Being A Leader' programme, as the title suggests, is a course designed to give Senior Managers the space to explore and develop the mindset of a leader.  

The Benefits of this programme: 

Imagine a leadership team with the emotional intelligence and confidence to build highly motivated, empowered and engaged teams.

Imagine working in an environment where there is a culture of self-awareness, positivity and appreciation.

These are the skills and behaviours we want to help your senior managers develop during their time on this programme.

The Details:

  • A 4 day programme run over several months
  • In-house only - i.e. it's just for your senior managers
  • Language, content and context will be tailored to suit your organisation
  • Can be run at your venue or ours (no room hire charge)
  • For up to 12 delegates

Want to find out more about what content is covered in this course? Click below:

Click here: More about our 'Being A Leader' programme

Here's what Dave Mace, Managing Director at Pollards Print had to say about our 'Being A Leader' programme for his leadership team:

"We understand it takes a well led business with an empowered team to achieve long term success.  Initially we chose the 'Being a Leader' programme and through prior consultation with Crisp, we tailored the content to meet our objectives.  A few months on I am really pleased to see the learning being utilised to great effect on a day to day basis"

Click here: Our 'Being A Leader' programme with Pollards Print

And here's a comment from an attendee of another of our 'Being A Leader' programmes:

“I found the whole experience mind-opening. The opportunity to self-reflect and understand more about ourselves can only help us as leaders of teams. The sessions were delivered at a pace to ensure the group fully benefited from the experience and Shaun clearly had researched and learned about our organisation prior to commencement"

If you feel that this is a training programme your Senior Managers would benefit from, drop us a line and we'll arrange a discussion where you can outline your objectives for the team and we'll look at whether our 'Being A Leader' programme will deliver the results you are looking for.

Email:   Tel:  01392 409 198

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