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If you'd told us this time last year that we'd be delivering all of our learning and coaching online in the first part of 2021, we wouldn't have believed you, yet here we are!

In May last year we began delivering our in-house training, our open courses and our coaching over Zoom and Microsoft Teams, rather than face-to-face, and our online offer has since gone from strength to strength as we've continued to consolidate our online portfolio.

Now here we are in January 2021, all a lot more used to the technology, our clients recognising that there's as much value in learning in an online environment as there is in face-to-face and let's be honest, many of us can't afford to put our learning and development on hold for that much longer, so 'virtual learning' is the way to go.

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...but before you go, you might like to know that we've just introduced a NEW SAVINGS OPTION for virtual open courses - where you can pay just £499 to attend up to 5 of our virtual courses! That's about £99 per course! Click the Virtual open courses button below to find out more...

If you're not sure whether online learning is right for you or your team, we'd encourage you to get in touch to find out what feedback we're getting from clients who have already taken the plunge.

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