We're moving. Physically, psychologically and geographically.

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'Moving'.  Interesting word, isn’t it? Sir John Whitmore described coaching as the art of enabling movement in an individual. That is helping them to ‘move’ from Point A to Point B. This could be a physical or psychological progression, in essence both ‘in-motion’ and an emotion. (Emotion and Move both share the same old French root).

For Dan Pink, if you are in the business of ‘moving people’ – doctors, teachers – then you are in the world of selling. I think of other related themes – politicians having ‘momentum’ in an election, a ‘movement’ (The Arab Spring, Civil Rights) – and the sense I get is one of positive energy, a compelling (or quiet) progressive force.  

As a business we are ‘on the move’. This blog started life as a simple announcement of our change of address (more on this over the coming weeks). Then I got to thinking about all the ways that our business is moving. Here are a few:

  • Physically, to our new head office
  • Geographically – we are now working from Falkirk to Truro.
  • Financially – 53% growth last year
  • Emotionally – growing up, having fun
  • Psychologically – our purpose, our ‘why’
  • Competency – our skills base and expertise
  • Philosophically – our coaching, appreciative approach
  • And finally – our desks move (up and down at any rate)

All of which enable us to help our clients move:

  • Transitioning to a new role
  • Learning a new skill
  • Raising levels of self-awareness (confidence, resilience)
  • Having an insight
  • Gaining a qualification

As I wrote this, my watch prompted me to move (I’d been sat down for 45 minutes). So I broke off, stood up and walked around the office. I got a glass of water.  

Some of my coaching clients who have experienced walking-coaching with me – along the beach in many instances – say how being in-motion helps them move intellectually or emotionally.

So my question to you is this:

How are you moving?  And how can you help others to move?

Blog article by Shaun Durham, Managing Director, Crisp Professional Development

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