What is a P3 Profile?

"Drake P3 is an on-line talent management system that uses an assessment instrument to help companies hire and manage people who will perform well in their job.

In fact, any time person-to-person or person-to-job fit is an issue, Drake P3 can help. It reveals a person's natural tendencies, communication styles, emotional intelligence, motivational needs, decision-making abilities, energy levels and more.

In addition to supporting employee selection, Drake P3 helps with employee recruitment/induction, team dynamics, employee performance, and succession planning and employee development"

(above text extracted from the Drake P3 website).

If you'd like to learn more about your own communication style, emotional intelligence, motivational needs - and how they affect your working style - we're offering a free P3 profile to everyone who attends our Open Evening on 25th November, here at Elizabeth House in Exeter.  Find out more here.

If you'd like to come along, please RSVP by phone 01392 409 198 or email at info@crisp-cpd.com

What do the results look like?

A P3 report is a 13 page document containing both graphical and text-based feedback. 

Here are some samples extracted from a P3 report: 

P3 Profile

P3 Profile 2

P3 Profile 3

We offer P3 Profiling as an integral part of many of our training programmes.  It can be a highly effective way of quickly recognising the strengths of your team, the areas for development and for partnering natural skill-sets with specific roles within your organisation.  Once individuals have completed a 20 minute online survery, we'll help you interpret the results.

Want to find out more about who's in your team? 

Call us for an informal chat on 01392 409 198.

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