What was hot in 2019? (and our prediction for 2020)

2019 was a busy year!

Our team of coaches and trainers facilitated open course development at our hubs in Exeter, Bristol and Yeovil and 'in-company' development for our South West based clients and further afield in London, Norwich and Crewe to name just a few.

10 development areas in particular saw the biggest growth:

This pattern was pretty much mirrored across both our 'in-company' and 'open course' delivery.

Interestingly, more clients were looking to develop their managers and leaders (often with an incentive for the individual of an ILM accredited programme) with a multi-day programme.

Essential business skills development was still busy (more courses than ever before ran at full capacity), even though only a few of these types of courses feature in our top 10 delivery for 2019.

Our prediction for how will 2020 compare:

Early indications predict more of the same, i.e. more multi-day management development and leadership programmes this year, with more clients continuing to upskill their senior managers.

'Embracing Change' is already looking to feature more prominently in our 2020 delivery schedule. With the rate and breadth of change, sheer flow of information and speed of decision making causing an impact on personal and organisational well-being, leaders are keen to equip their senior managers with the right skills and behaviours to manage change more effectively.

We should also highlight the popularity of some of our 2019 'rising stars':

We expect to see an increase in delivery of the above 3 courses this year.

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Do you have a development plan for 2020?  If so, which specific areas for development are you looking to offer your team?

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We look forward to supporting you in 2020!

The Crisp Team

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