Why Is There A Buzz Around ILM At The Moment?

We're noticing a trend ...

There's a bit of a buzz around ILM* at the moment.  We've been receiving an increase in the number of ILM enquiries and bookings.  More and more organisations are choosing to offer their team the chance to study for an internationally recognised qualification. 

ILM is the UK's leading awarding body of leadership, coaching and management qualifications

Why now?

We believe that more leaders are offering their staff the chance to study for an ILM qualification now because they want to better prepare them for a period of volatility and uncertainty. 

As part of an ILM qualification, delegates will receive coaching and mentoring - 
 key skills which can support them in:

  • remaining positive and effective during a period of change
  • increasing resilience
  • minimising conflict
  • fuelling growth

Did you know? 

Globally, 70,000 people register for an ILM qualification every year, in fact more employers choose ILM programmes than any other specialist awarding body

How are organisations benefiting from having ILM qualified managers?

Managers who are studying for an ILM qualification are likely to:

  • be more motivated
  • be more engaged
  • feel rewarded and valued by their organisation

What ILM qualifications do we offer?

For Teams:

For Individuals:

Or if you prefer:

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