PCS Profiling

PCS Profiling

Have you ever wondered how the mood, or climate of your team affects performance?

In actual fact it's the single biggest factor to impact performance, so it's key to get it right.  

Unsurprisingly, team climate is directly influenced by the leader's style and behaviour.

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PCS (Performance Climate System) is a tool that can measure team climate, by identifying gaps in perceptions between the leader and their team members.  

It works by posing a series of questions to the team around goals, roles, processes, adaptability, connection and resilience, via an online survey.

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Based on the responses received, the system produces a report highlighting areas of conflict, disconnect, misalignment and miscommunication (see a sample graph on the right).

Our accredited PCS Coach then supports the leader in understanding the results of the report, helping him/her to refocus efforts to re-engage the team.  They'll work out a plan of action to narrow the gaps and increase team effectiveness and performance.  The leader can, in addition, opt for a half day team coaching session as part of the re-engagement plan.

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