What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

What Coaching is:

A means of enabling individuals or teams to develop their own innate potential and maximise their performance.

Effective Coaching is always associated with specific performance goals for the individual and the organisation.

These objectives can sometimes be divided between ‘private’ and ‘public’ goals. 'Private’ goals are determined by the coachee and are strictly confidential. ‘Public’ goals are determined by the coachee and the ‘sponsor’ of the coaching programme (often the organisation) together and often become one of the means of measuring the success of the coaching programme.

Effective Coaching takes place when the ultimate authority for action, transformation and change remains with the person being coached – or the ‘coachee’.

Effective Coaching only takes place when the coachee does not feel judged by the coach, but instead appreciates that the coach’s single intent is to enable them to perform to the best of their ability

What Coaching is not:

Coaching should not be confused with mentoring which often involves the transfer of relevant knowledge or information from an ‘experienced’ to a ‘less experienced’ individual.

Coaching should not be confused with counselling – which as a form of therapy has a medical or clinical outlook.

Coaching is not a form of assessment or appraisal for the coachee’s skills or ability. While 360 feedback mechanisms are often used within coaching, this is always firmly and mutual agreed between all parties in the coaching relationship.

Coaching assignments are never remedial in tone or approach.