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Coaching Skills for Managers (MVF)

The Coaching Skills for Managers workshop looks at coaching as an individually focussed, personal development tool you can offer staff at all organisational levels.

It examines the skills required to become a good coach, when and how to introduce coaching and how to keep it on the development agenda.

It will also help you develop a strategy for structuring a session and to recognise when it is time to withdraw from a coaching relationship. The workshop also discusses how you should receive on-going support as a coach.

By the end of this course, you will be able to recognize when a coaching intervention is relevant and will be able to set up a structure and process for providing it to those in your organisation who will benefit most from it. You’ll be able to set a vision or goal for the coaching programme, together with your coachee, and will ensure that each session builds towards them reaching that goal. You will have honed your listening, challenging and guiding skills and be able to provide a safe place for your coachee to self-assess, learn and grow in the context of the agreed goals.

Course Content

  • Intro, Session Objectives and Contracting
  • What is Coaching? (in contrast to mentoring, training, leading and managing)
  • Developing a mindset for coaching conversations
  • The coaching environment and organisational context
  • The key skills – listening, questioning
  • The balance between challenge and support
  • The Coaching conversation – GROW model
  • Coaching Practice

This course is for Middle and Senior Managers with responsibility for the personal development of their team members. Their only experience of coaching may be where they have received it themselves in the past – but they have not had to provide it as a Coach themselves yet. You are looking to learn the skills and structure you’ll need to have in place.

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