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Leadership & Management

Performance Reviews (MVF)

This session will focus on deepening the understanding of Managers and Supervisors into the purpose of the Performance Review Conversations.

In particular, this will focus on the role of the annual performance review conversation in positively engaging team members in a two way conversation about their own performance.

This will be tailored to the new Mole Valley Performance Development Review (PDR) system and will include practical work using the Values as a framework for this discussion.

You will learn about the current thinking and the benefit of a positive, continuous and strengths-based approach to these conversations.

You will come away with a better understanding of the key skills for conducting more effective performance conversations and how to make the experience mutually engaging and worthwhile.

– The strategic purpose of Performance Reviews, including the benefits of a positive strengths-based approach
– How the ‘Mole Way’ Values work as a framework for a two-way performance review conversation
– The importance of preparation and ‘setting the scene’ for the review meeting
– Performance Evaluation
– Why Goal setting is an effective aid to future performance
– Offering constructive performance-based feedback

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