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Leadership & Management

Values-based Interviewing Skills (MVF)

This session will focus on exploring effective interviewing skills for recruitment and assessment. This will include developing a values-based approach to your questioning style and techniques, a structured and consistent approach to your interview format, and top tips to assist with making the final selection decision.

You will learn about the current thinking and the benefits of a values-based approach to recruitment interviewing. You will also develop an appreciation of structuring your interviews and any other assessment activities. You will come away with a better understanding of the key skills for conducting more effective recruitment interviews.

Course content

  • Conducting an effective assessment interview – a structured approach
  • The importance of understanding the key requirements for your vacancy and how to assess these
  • Key skills for interviewing – developing your listening and questioning skills
  • Using values-based interviewing using the values Framework
  • Considering how to use other assessment methods alongside the traditional interview
  • Putting it all together to make your selection decision and find the best candidate for the job
  • Identifying constructive and developmental feedback for all candidates

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