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Working Smarter (MVF)

As pressures to ‘do more’ with our time and the demands on us increase, it becomes ever more important to invest in ensuring that we work to our maximum effectiveness, prioritising what will make a difference and developing strategies for building resilience to cope with pressure.

This half day workshop will explore what we can do to build skills and confidence including:

  •  Managing our time effectively and prioritising the things that make a difference
  •  Effective decision making
  •  Building confidence and developing assertive behaviour to ensure win-win situations
  •  Taking responsibility
  •  Ensuring our communications are effective so we are heard and understood first time around
  •  Building skills in motivating others and working collaboratively
  •  Identifying our personal skill set and developing strategies to manage our weaknesses
  •  Developing a growth rather than fixed mindset
  •  Building personal resilience and the ability to learn from mistakes and setbacks
  •  Managing stress and looking after ourselves

Can’t find what you need?

If you are interested in a specific area of development but can’t find a relevant course, please let the Learning and Development Team at Mole Valley know. We add new courses all the time and would be happy to help.

Similarly, if you want to provide training for a whole team, please let the team at Mole Valley know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your need.