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Courses for Everyone

Whatever your role, wherever you are in your career

... the courses in this section will help you develop behaviours and skills that will support you in your personal effectiveness.

Whether you are looking to master spreadsheets , understand finance when you’re not a finance manager, or improve your communications skills so you can confidently negotiate, persuade or sell, our ‘Courses for Everyone’ section has something for you.

In-person, virtual and on-demand sessions

Improve your personal effectiveness

Communicate with more intention and authority to achieve your desired outcomes

Help build a more supportive work environment

Understand how to use positive psychology to improve resilience to embrace change

Build a personal programme of learning with a Crisp credit plan

Bespoke Training Programmes

We know that not every organisation is the same – that’s why sometimes the only way to address your unique needs is to create a bespoke solution!

Co-create a programme that perfectly fits your development needs

We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your team or organisation – regardless of size, budget or sector!

No limits to programme size, structure or topics

Endless opportunities to enhance your development package to maximise your learning outcomes

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