A focus on Presentation Skills with NetBooster

NetBooster identified a need for Presentation Skills training within their business.  Since they wanted a number of individuals to undergo this training, it made sense for us to deliver the training In-House for them i.e. at their own offices.  

Crisp Professional Development began by training one cohort at Netbooster's Redruth site before repeating the training with a further two cohorts at their London offices.

NetBooster is a global digital marketing agency specialising in PPC, SEO etc.  They employ 450 experts across the globe, work out of 21 Offices and have over 17 years experience operating as 'Digital Performance Architects'.

What was your training need?

We like to train all of our staff in presentation skills to enable them to feel more confident in presenting to clients as part of their role. Its not always about standing up delivering a formal presentation in front of an audience; for our staff it helps  them to develop their confidence presenting ideas via conference call, video conference and face to face. 

Why did you choose Crisp Professional Development?

We've used Crisp for a number of years and trust and value their training. They are also very flexible in delivering in-house training to both of our office locations in the UK.

Did the training address your identified training needs?

Yes it did. Out attendees ranged in experience from never having presented before to seasoned presenters. 

Approach of the trainers?

Always very good, professional, approachable, engaging, friendly, knowledgeable. 

FIND OUT MORE about our presentation skills training:

- In-House Presentation Skills training for your team (we come to you), please call 01392 409 198 to discuss your requirements

- Open Course (you come to us)