The University Partnerships Programme (UPP) has been working with Crisp for 6 months to create a management development programme using the Emotional intelligence Leadership Model (EQi). This has been a path finding exercise for UPP with a focus on the Company’s South West Region.

The programme, delivered by Shaun (MD for Crisp), has been excellent. The UPP’s South West Team has discovered a range of new attributes within a feedback report, both as individuals and teams. The reports, outputs and conversations have allowed the team to positively reframe their attitudes towards their working environment.

A team of 6 senior site managers have worked with Shaun at Crisp to gain a greater understanding of the impact of EQi in the working environment. The UPP team have learnt to be more aware of their emotional responses. The feedback reports for individuals and the team reports have proved to be very valuable tools for all participants.

“I was a little sceptical at first, as I did not really know what emotional intelligence was. Shaun delivered the first training session with us, detailing different people’s perceptions and role play scenarios. This was followed up with 1-2-1 coaching sessions.  I have found these extremely beneficial and it was helped by the fact that Shaun is a very competent coach. He memorises word for word what you have said earlier in the conversation and really gets you to reflect and dig deep with your thoughts. I found Shaun to be very approachable, professional and thorough in his coaching style. I have found this experience very valuable and would thoroughly recommend this process to anyone.”

"The EQi coaching sessions with Shaun have been thought provoking, honest and insightful. The walks on the beach have been inspiring. I have learnt a lot about myself and the impact I have in my role. Working with my team and in the context of EQi has been a very positive experience, the journey will continue!"

"I feel that the link between Emotional Intelligence and leadership in my situation is very close and that I have been able to identify why I react in the ways I do in particular situations, this has enabled me to identify with and be more empathetic towards others, not just in the work place but also in my personal life."

"Shaun has somehow managed to touch some raw nerves and help me again identify why some things happen and why I react or don't react in the way I do, this enables me to now think a bit more laterally. Through past work experiences I held positions (Army) where as a manager I couldn’t show my emotions in the company of others and the men I used to lead. To that end I became de-sensitised to traumatic events and situations. Shaun has helped me identify when and why I put those emotional barriers up, this has also had a knock on effect into my personal life and Shaun has suggested techniques to help me combat this. In my current role I’m better able to deal with particular staff issues and help members of my team with their own emotional issues by showing a greater understanding and empathy toward them and the situations they find themselves in. I feel the sessions with Shaun have been very helpful and will help me become a better manager of people."

"I found the whole experience mind-opening. The opportunity to self-reflect and understand more about ourselves can only help us as leaders of teams. The sessions were delivered at a pace to ensure the group fully benefitted from the experience and Shaun clearly had researched and learned about our organisation prior to commencement. The follow up one-to-one sessions have been a success too. Shaun manages to blend subtlety with objectiveness in ensuring he helps us to unlock our potential. I’d thoroughly recommend Shaun to others who want to take the next step of their managerial journeys.”

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