ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management

A while ago we ran a successful 'Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) L5 Award in Leadership and Management' for L-3 Communications UK Ltd (read more about that here) and we were consequently recommended to Mandy Moore, Head of HR and Ethics Officer for L-3 Marine Systems UK Ltd.

This is a qualification which aims to give practising and potential managers the foundation for their formal development in this role. The qualification does this by developing basic middle management skills and assisting participants in gaining the basic knowledge required at this level.

A decision was taken at L-3 Marine Systems UK Ltd to put several cohorts of management through the L5 Award in Leadership & Management. This included both senior and middle management and Mandy herself.

Mandy and her team chose the following units for their Level 5 Award;

  • 'Developing and Leading Teams to Achieve Organisational Goals and Objectives' and
  • 'Managing for Efficiency and Effectiveness'.

We asked Mandy about her experience of working with Crisp CPD on ILM accreditation for her team.

Why did you choose accredited training over non-accredited training?

"We were looking to offer our employees a formal and nationally recognised certification. The company wanted their managers to have recognition that they’d successfully completed a formal management training programme. This would also be beneficial for the managers’ own career development.

The programme would give L-3 MSUK credit for investing in their managers’ people management skills. It covers a wide range of ‘personnel management’ skills that would help them manage both positive and negative situations.

It was important that the employees knew we were taking them and the course seriously. Also, we were investing the time for us to be there too"

Why were Crisp CPD your choice for delivering this training?

"We had received positive feedback about Crisp CPD from L-3 SDS, particularly about Helen Gilzean." (N.B. Helen is Head of People Development and ILM Principle at Crisp CPD).

Did your team find the training challenging? If so, how?

"We all enjoyed the training immensely. We did find the assignments challenging for several reasons, including the fact that most of us haven’t spent time doing creative writing for some time.  Also, some of the ILM questions were a bit ambiguous.  We also found it challenging finding time to study whilst balancing work and home life""

How did you find the pace of learning?

"The pace was good, no issues at all. The programme was continually adapted and personalised for our specific needs.

Crisp looked at availability and scheduled according to our availability and needs. The trainers were considerate about location"

How were you all supported by Crisp CPD throughout the process?

"During the first groups we found Crisp supportive and during the second groups the one-to-one sessions from Helen were very useful just to provide that bit of extra guidance and to ensure that we were on the right track whilst completing assignments.

Helen's input was definitely useful for those of us who were struggling with our assignments - because creative writing was an activity which had not been done for a long time.

The documentation was good and the behavioural questionnaire results were returned more or less for everyone on time.  I think the late ones may have been due to employees not completing them quick enough"

Since gaining the qualification, how has it been used in daily working life?

The managers have become more aware of their skill levels and any issues that needed to be dealt with.  The behavioural styles information is used whilst interacting with members of my team.  Some of the tips given for managing more effectively are used on a weekly basis"

What have been the advantages of gaining ILM accredited qualifications:a) for your organisation?

"We had our appraisals this year which were due in Feb/March. Last year, we were still chasing at this time. Before the ILM programme, it was rare that the managers would identify and talk with anyone who needed to improve their performance. This has changed because managers are now dealing with non-performers. The direct result is that there is more confidence in handling difficult situations. The managers are writing and implementing individual plans to improve performance.  Results have been positive.

The £s invested were well worth it because the managers have raised the bar and are more confident and skilled"

b) for you and for individual team members?

"For myself and other attendees this programme supports credibility in the role.

I have learned new skills and techniques and understand my own behavioural style better. The programme also gave me the opportunity to interact with managers away from the office.

It would be good to have a recap/refresher, at a later date. Most enjoyed the programme and found it very useful. I especially benefitted from the behavioural techniques and recognising others styles. I am constantly aware of this when I speak to others. Also using 'Bill’s Golden Hour', I make sure I give myself extra time to be more prepared"

To conclude, in the words of the ILM;

"At ILM we understand that, in the real world, there’s no such thing as a straightforward progression route or career pathway.  We all have different experiences, different skill sets and abilities, and different roles – and that means we all need slightly different things from management training. We recognise this and have designed our qualifications to be as flexible as possible.

After an ILM qualification;

* 93% of managers perform better in their jobs

* 90% of managers improve their ability to communicate and give feedback

* 90% of managers are better at motivating people"

To discuss putting your team through an ILM accredited programme, please call us on 01392 409 198.

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