Leadership Development for the Board of Directors and the SMT

Founded in 2003, WiFi SPARK provides secure high speed Internet connectivity, both wireless and wired, to businesses.  The company has developed its own product, and thanks to a dedicated team of in house developers, it delivers one of the most flexible, feature rich and scalable internet connectivity solutions on the market.


WiFi SPARK has experienced rapid growth in the last two years with its workforce doubling in size and turnover increasing proportionately. As part of this growth, the company put in place a management structure to deal with the changing landscape of the company and the demands placed upon it in a high growth market sector. The appointment of a board of directors and senior management team demonstrated the shareholders commitment to building the team to take WiFi SPARK through its next stages of expansion.


As part of this growth, the CEO Matt O'Donovan recognised the need for a coherent, communicative management team and as such sought expertise from Crisp Professional Development to help build the strengths of the team and develop new skills.


Matt comments;


"Crisp was chosen as they recognised immediately the requirements and were able to identify the areas of development within WiFi SPARK. Indeed the company had experienced success with Crisp for day to day training needs so it was a logical step to 'up the pace' and look to enhance the teams skills.


The program was developed based on Crisp's solid understanding of the business, its aims and the people within it. A tailor made training and development program was put in place over a six month period for the senior management team and board of directors. The delivery of the training was dynamic, well thought out and structured, with much thought going into the journey and not just the destination. New skills were developed and older ones fine tuned, giving a same page approach to the management team. It was a refreshing, fun and enjoyable training program for both parties.


Crisp has a knack of knowing what we need. Their delivery was professional yet personable and they were able to modify the training to suit new requirements as they came up, demonstrating a level of customisation and flexibility. We would have no problem in recommending Crisp to anyone looking to develop their teams or individuals. A thoroughly rewarding experience"