Hymid Multi-Shot Ltd is a growing manufacturer of high value plastic injection moulded components, supplying the medical, instrument & measurement and electronics markets. Based in Torquay their clients can be found throughout the UK and internationally. When Tom McMurtrie OBE was appointed as the new Managing Director, he committed to a programme of leadership and management development training, and approached Crisp Professional Development to deliver it.

CPD used a combination of open courses and in-house training days to deliver tailored training to all levels of the business.

‘We put the directors and senior managers through 4-day and 2-day management development programmes. These were ‘open’ training courses, allowing all participants to mingle with other delegates who had similar business and people needs. Team members were given bespoke internal training. We wanted this to be a top-down and bottom-up approach, ensuring that we embedded a professional development culture in our business as we continue our growth trajectory,' said Tom.

As a Growth Accelerator client, Hymid benefitted from 50% funding for all their training.

‘Hymid is exactly the type of business that we like to work with,’ added Shaun Durham, Crisp CPD Managing Director. ‘Locally based, with an international reach, growing and committed to the development of their people.’