Learning Passport

Flexible learning - online or in-person!

Select 10 or 20 training sessions from our Open Course Calendar and save up to 32% on your training costs with our credit plans.

Good to Know:

  • Savings apply when you book 10 or 20 (or 30, 40 etc) training sessions from our 2022 Open Course Calendar 
  • Online courses can be redeemed for 1 credit, whereas face-to-face courses cost 2 credits per session*
  • There is no requirement to book your courses at the point of purchase
  • Use it to build your own development plan
  • Train one or more members of your team using the same plan
  • Buy as many plans as you like

* There are two exceptions to this rule; Introduction to People Management and Mastering People Management are both worth 3 x online credits or 4 x face-to-face credits.

How to Purchase:

  • Call us: Call us on 01392 409 198

 ... we'll take care of the rest

* Please note that selecting 4 days from our ILM recognised CPD Essentials or Effective Team Leadership programmes will not attract the Learning Passport discount, since other ILM certification costs apply.