Being a Leader

Being a Leader

Our Being A Leader programme is designed to support new and transitioning leaders to explore and develop the behaviours, values and skills required for becoming an inspirational and truly effective leader.

Our approach utilizes the latest developments in neuroscience, advanced psychology and emotional intelligence, without being a slave to any of them. It is all about ‘BEING’ a leader, not doing - so time for reflection and strategic thinking is essential in exploring and developing a leadership mindset.

How does the programme work?

Our 4-day programme can be delivered in-house at your premises or at our dedicated Training Suite in Exeter, for up to 12 delegates. We can be flexible in our delivery to suit you – delivered in a block or over several weeks or months.

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Why invest in a leadership programme?

Research by the Corporate Leadership Council has shown that over 40% of transitioning leaders underperform in their first eighteen months, and the direct reports of transitioning leaders underperform their peers by as much as 18%.  The most common reasons why leadership transitions fail, include:

  • Lack of critical thinking 
  • Emotionally unintelligent behaviours 
  • Failure to build relationships 
  • Unclear role expectations 
  • Abdication of ownership

By raising awareness of these potential de-railers, and by giving leaders the space and context to explore new behaviours and competencies, our development programme enables individuals and teams to move towards better understanding, increased performance and a sense of ‘being’.

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