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Customer Service:

Building Client Rapport (Conversational Selling)

Customers are well informed, appreciate good service and have easy access to a wider range of choices than ever before. In this course you'll learn simple tools to support positive engagement with your customers through building relationships naturally. Listen and focus on the customer, their interests, their needs and their solutions. Improve your confidence with conversational selling techniques which can lead to improved relationships with your customers and enhance sales opportunities.

Many customers are now totally turned off by ‘traditional’ sales approaches.  With so many products and services being sold ‘at’ them, individuals are choosing providers who seek a clear understanding of what they, the customers, need to buy.  So let's drop the traditional sales pitch and start some quality conversations.

Overview of the course

This course looks at how to build rapport and trust with your clients/potential clients as well as examining how to engage in a quality conversation can aid you in building rapport.

Building client rapport is about asking questions, listening and allowing the client to really be heard, taking notes and being solution focused.  Shift your focus from products to clients, initiate and maintain relationships built on trust and confidence.

Customers don’t want sales people who just persuade and push their products, they want to be listened to and understood.

Who is it for?

Anyone for whom 'selling' is part (or all) of your job description, whether you are new to sales or simply need a refresher course.

What will you learn?

  • How to equip yourself with a positive and helpful mindset, as new thinking will bring new results.
  • What building rapport is and the skills involved in being a natural and effective communicator. Learn how to build rapport across varied means of communicating, how to ask effective questions and even more importantly, how to engage your ears and not just your mouth.
  • Develop skills that enable you to guide, direct and control a natural conversation to best satisfy your customer’s needs

Course Content

  • Effective and simple communication techniques
  • Using questions well in order to identify your customer’ needs
  • Self-management tips and tools for being at your best
  • Understanding the benefits and advantages of what you are selling
  • Structuring a natural, relaxed conversation with a purpose
  • How to build rapport with ease utilising varied means of communication
  • Focus on positive language and a can do approach
  • Identify and confidently act upon buying signals 

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