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Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

All our coaches are trained and accredited (with the ILM, EMCC, ICF or equivalent), are committed to continuing professional development and receive regular supervision. Our executive coaching offering works 1-2-1 with leaders in organisations of all sizes. We also hold coaching interventions with teams, managers and for people in transition. We tend towards the non-directive coaching approach, and embrace the latest trends in positive psychology, embodiment and neuroscience.

Clients include PLCs, major SMEs and leaders of small businesses.

When it is appropriate, we use the EQi2.0 profiling tool with leaders, senior managers and teams, as a means of raising awareness, addressing deep issues and facilitating movement towards individual and shared goals. These conversations tap into what Daniel Goleman has called the 'triple focus' required of leaders: Self-Awareness, Empathy and Systems Understanding.

The fifteen emotional intelligence competencies are:

Self Regard – the ability to look and understand oneself, confidence, self esteem, accepting one’s limitations and possibilities

Emotional Self Awareness – ability to recognise and understand one’s feelings and emotions, differentiate between them and to know what caused them and why

Self Actualisation – the ability to realise one’s potential; consistently try to do best, self-satisfied

Emotional Expression – express self easily, constructive expression of emotions, people know where they stand

Assertiveness – communicating feelings and beliefs openly in a non-destructive way

Independence – self directed and determined, free from emotional dependency

Interpersonal Relationships – mutually satisfying relationships, at ease in social interactions, find common ground

Empathy – appreciating how others feel, understanding, anticipates others reactions

Social Responsibility – cooperative, gives and contributes to a group

Problem Solving – find solutions when emotions are involved, aware of biases emotions can bring to problem solving

Reality Testing – objective, tuned into what’s going on, grounded, realistic

Impulse Control – resist or delay an impulse to act, controlled approach, patient, measured

Flexibility - going with the flow, open to change of views and behaviour, adapting emotions, thoughts and behaviours

Stress Tolerance – coping with stressful situations; calm in a crisis

Optimism – positive attitude and outlook on life, see opportunities even in difficult times

A typical 1-2-1 session lasts two hours and there are between four and six session per programme.

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Benefits of the course

“The EQi coaching sessions with Shaun have been thought provoking, honest and insightful. The walks on the beach have been inspiring. I have learnt a lot about myself and the impact I have in my role. Working with my team and in the context of EQi has been a very positive experience, the journey will continue!"

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