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Coaching for Performance Management

A two-day programme of coaching skills training for managers

Coaching is the key developmental tool for raising awareness, unlocking potential and enhancing performance in individuals and organisations. This two-day programme will equip managers with the core coaching skills to enable them to have both formal and informal performance conversations in the workplace.

We position coaching as the preferred management style, one that creates a culture of accountability where individuals are personally responsible for their performance. This is placed firmly within the organisational performance management context, utilizing your existing appraisal processes, procedures and timescales, to fully embed this coaching approach.

The course is designed to allow plenty of coaching practice during the two days.

Course Content

  • The differences between coaching, managing, mentoring and training
  • Coaching styles – directive to non-directive
  • The mindset of a workplace coach (Appreciative Inquiry not Problem Solving)
  • The Skills of coaching:
    • Active listening
    • Questions
    • Building rapport
    • Challenge and Support
  • The GROW model
  • Informal and formal coaching
  • Coaching in context: The purpose of performance conversations
  • The spirit of Appraisals – setting people up to win
  • Your Appraisal context
  • How to move forward based on mutually agreed goals

This 2 day training programme is available as an In-House workshop - meaning we deliver the training at your office or a venue of your choice just for your team.  The content will be tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation.

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Benefits of the course

“Coaching is the art of facilitating the development, learning and performance of another”

This course will help you develop your own coaching style - specifically in order to provide effective performance coaching to members of your team.

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This is also available as an in house course - (for prices please contact us)