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Human Resources (HR):

Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Course Overview

Conflict is a natural and powerful phenomenon that contributes significantly to the quality of life and work. Positive conflict can provide organisations with opportunities to benefit from the diversity of their employees and gain fulfilling working relationships leading to better work outcomes and innovation. On the other hand, conflict can be destructive, destroying morale, reducing performance and directly affecting employee welfare and organisational success. The understanding and skill to successfully handle conflict and resolve dispute leads to improved employee relationships, enhance productivity and decreasing levels of absenteeism

Who is it for?

This course is designed for new or existing managers, who wish to encourage a culture where disagreement and difference of opinion is welcomed and respected but need to improve their skills in identifying situations where healthy dispute has turned into conflict and improve their skills in managing and defusing this workplace tension before it has a negative impact on the individuals involved and the wider organisation.

What will you learn?

The workshop will help you to understand the nature and causes of workplace conflict and enhance your skills in identifying and managing conflict and dispute before it escalates. During the day we will look at how to recognise healthy disagreement and the warning signs of negative conflict. Recognise when to intervene and develop techniques for building rapport, defusing frustration and solving problems. By the end of the day you will have had an opportunity to practice conducting and managing difficult situations and understand when to apply formal procedures.

Course Content

  • Understanding conflict and the behavioural reasons behind conflict at work
  • Conflict or positive tension?
  • Conflict mindsets
  • Recognising the early stages of disruption
  • The conflict triangle
  • Identifying conflict hotspots in your organisation
  • Establishing a culture where diversity and disagreement is welcomed
  • “Nipping it in the bud” and early stage intervention to prevent conflict escalating
  • Successfully resolving conflict
  • Identifying when to apply formal procedures

Who is the trainer?

Sarah Ward – Senior Crisp Associate

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